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Akaii AA-1150

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I have an Akaii AA-1150 stereo receiver. It has developed a hum. I think it has been since I have changed speakers. using 8ohm radio shack minimus speakers the ones I used before where 4ohm polk audio. could the 8ohm speakers be causing this. Also a very lame question i know but I don't know a lot about stereos, on the back where you put the speaker wire in it says "SPEAKERS (4-16 OHM)" ,
then under that it says" A+B (8-16 OHM). Is this for two separate pairs of speakers? not sure how to hook up A+B. Please advise. thanks.
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Akai AA-1150

No the speakers shouldn't cause hum, although different speakers might make any hum more audible.

The notice just means that if you are using one set of speakers they should both be rated at a nominal 4 to 16 ohms, but if you are listening to two sets at the same time they should all be in the 8 to 16 ohm range.

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