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AM 2850 Akai DC integrated amp

Does anyone have an owners and a service Manual for the Akai AM 2850 amp. Need a new VU meter or some information on how to free a Stuck needle? Thanks in advance.

Re: AM 2850 Akai DC integrated amp

I have lots of VU meters. Can you send me the size in mm.
If you live in EU I can send it it is of no problem.
ALL Japanese VU meters are standardized.
I have more than 50 TOP Japanese amps in stock from Yamaha through Sansui and millions of parts NOS, and also replacements.
Do not throw away the old VU meter, you will need the scale. For the same type and colour. You can pull off the scale with a scalpel. The VU meter can be opened with a scalpel. The are fixed with cello tape on the side. The top and bottom can removed from each other.