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Amber Power Surge

I have an amber series 70 amp and a preamp. i made the mistake of trying the tone defeat switch which seemed to cause a surge. I blew fuses in the amp and preamp. i just replaced the fuses. Both components power on, but i have no sound on either channel. i've tried different inputs, same result.

Then i tuned the volume all the way down and tried the tone defeat switch again. i have hiss on one channel, the other channel is completelely silent.

Any ideas?

Anyone in the DC. area service Amber equipment? is it even worth trying to fix them?

Re: Amber Power Surge

The LM391N op-amp may be damaged, and maybe the output transistors. Unfortunately, it appears the Amber 70s were prone to a lot of problems; there is a series of service bulletins listed for this model, with updated components for later versions and recommendations for returning earlier versions to the factory for refurb.