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AMPEX AX-50 and AX 300 Manuals

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Hi, I need to get copies of the owners manuals for both of these machines. They are the last units (I believe)that AMPEX themselves manufactured before turning that over to Teac in the 70's. I have a AX-300 that I need to refresh myself with and I future it'll be easy with th ebook. Also th eAX-50 was my spare deck and I'm trying to line one up for a guy I know.

Re: AMPEX AX-50 and AX 300 Manuals

AX-50 and AX-300 were both manufactured for Ampex by Sharp in Japan, according to the former service manager at Ampex (RIP). He supplied me parts for my '300 as well as my dual-capstan machines. Both AX models can be stellar performers, when properly set up. Use of incorrect lubricants by "hobbyists" is the bane of mechanical anomalies in the AX machines. Last USA made Ampex machines were the 75x and 14xx series dual-capstan models. I had a 1455 built in 1972 which was just about the time Ampex Consumer Products Division factory closed its doors.

Re: AMPEX AX-50 and AX 300 Manuals

Very interesting. Ampex made pre-recorded reel to reel tapes up until around 1975 too. I had an AX-300 and had always assumed it was made by Revox because it was so heavily built, so learning that it was made by Sharp is a bit of a shocker because Sharp was a low-end brand in the USA.