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ampex reel to reel (fine line f-44)

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Hi there people,
I'm just trying to make a request for manual and schematic on an Ampex fine line f-44. It's a great old machine with half track stereo recording, and line in and out via a stereo tube amp. It also has speakers in it. It's 1950's(?)portable, so it weighs in at about 7000001 lbs. Of course, being the fool I am, I love it. Unfortunately it is in a sort of constant need of repair/upkeep condition and I can't afford to keep taking it to guys that say it's all fixed up when it ain't! To be fair, only one of them actually ripped me off, it's likely that the last guy did the best he could and the problem is really the age of the thing. Either way I'm ready to become the captain of my own ship(and I'm gonna need some charts!)
There, my first attempt at communicating with people on line that I've never met. I hope I got it right. This HiFi Engine thing is awesome, my compliments to all involved.
Thank you.

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Re: ampex reel to reel (fine line f-44)

I guess this is the beginning and hope it's not the end for the AMPEX Fine Line F-44 recorders, I recently bought at a auction a F-4470, when I got it home and got a better look at it there were a lot of small issues to get it to play. From what I found was it was the last years for useing the tube decks 63-65 with late models making it into 65. The heads in the F-44 are super as are the same used in AMPEX pro recorders. And the single motor drive was updated to a newer type that made the F-44 a Fine Line. I am also looking for schematic.