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Analogue Sytems Speaker: Specs, Info

Came across a pair of 10" bookshelf speakers along the road on our neighborhood's trash pickup day. Label on back says " 'Analogue Systems' -- 'Made in the USA’.” I have Googled this but nothing comes up related to a bookshelf speaker system or manufacture of such. Does any one have any information on them -- old manufacturer's literature, specification sheets, owners guides, reviews?

They are ported 2-way systems -- a 10" woofer and a soft dome tweeter in each. For bump protection (and sound dispersion?) the tweeters are each capped with dime-sized disk supported by 3 legs. The port on each is a front facing, nearly cabinet wide, slot below each speaker's woofer. There is a rectangular "duct" behind each slot leading back into the cabinet. The cabinets are 3/4" particleboard with walnut-like veneers. There is a potentiometer knob on the back between the black and red binding post connectors of each speaker. Each speaker of the pair is about 19 3/4" High x 11 1/2 wide x 9 13/16" deep. My ohmmeter shows about 5 ohms resistance between the binding posts of each speaker.

The bottoms are water-soaked and swollen (we had a torrential rain in the neighborhood three days ago) -- apparently the major reason for their placement in the trash. But, the speakers work when connected to an amp and sound quite good considering the foam rot of the woofers (which got worse as I fed them some music with heavy bass). I am considering having the woofers re-foamed and using the speakers as garage speakers but would like to know more about them.