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Antenna Cable Adapter? or/oderAntennenkabel-Adapter?

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ENG-Question: Is there an adapter that makes it possible to go from a coaxial antenna cable to the 2-phase? My Sony STR-6065 has only 2 terminals (no coaxial) for the antenna connection.
Or do I really need to cut the coaxial cable to attach the two phases at the Sony can?

GER-Frage: Gibt es einen Adapter, der es ermöglicht von einem Koaxial-Antennenkabel auf 2-Phasen zu gehen? Mein Sony STR-6065 hat nur 2 Klemmen (kein Koaxial) für den Antennenanschluß.
Oder muß ich wirklich das Koaxialkabel zerschneiden, um die beiden Phasen am Sony anbringen zu können?

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Antenna Cable Adapter? or/oderAntennenkabel-Adapter?

Hi.In army i was radio operator.We call this type antenna-"dipol".For good quality you need min.2x15 meter
cable.In home-now i have receiver Technics SA 5600 X.He has coaxial but i use only one cable-about 3 meters.Not grounded.And by this way i get about 10 stations in perfect.Try this;use only 75 ohm's terminal(one cable-not grounded),and turn it (like telescopic antenna)until you get stations as well as you need.My Akai work's the same way...Sorry for bad English...:)
There is another way-make a circle from cable(2.5 mm.) with diameter 30-35 sm.Distance between terminals...about 30...35 mm.Good sensibility,but need,s to good guidance...Hope help....

Antenna Cable Adapter? or/oderAntennenkabel-Adapter?

You might need a balun to solve this. A very inexpensive device that converts the
75 ohm coax to the 300 ohm twinlead cable. Here in the States it's available at
many places such as Radio Shack, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Cost should be under $5.00 USD.


Antenna Cable Adapter? or/oderAntennenkabel-Adapter?

I'll try to explain how to make one yourself.

Cut a piece of Coax-cable, approx 150Cm long.
Strip of both ends, and the end of Your antenna coax.
Solder together all three shields The piece you had cut off is now making a nice loop, wich you can attach to the antenna Coax.
Solder the centercore from the antennaCoax with one of the core on the piece you cut off.
This joint goes to one of the terminals on your receiver, and the "free" end centercore goes to the other.

Send me a PM if You need a drawing of this "construction.

But it works just fine. Guaranteed.

Ah. Found a picture online wich You can use for reference.
Just replace that dipolantenne with Your receiver.
(But it works fine both ways FYI)