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Anybody ever heard of 'Stereosound' audio equipment.

Hello all.

I've frequented this site a few times to find info on old hifi equipment.

It is an invaluable resource. I'm amazed by the amount of content on here.

However, i've recently been on a 'buying' spree, and I have a fetish for 70's & 80's brushed aluminium equipment.

I saw this one piece, and i've never saw one before. (Just had to buy it!) The chap i bought it from, said it had cost him an arm and a leg back in 1976...

It's a Stereosound Model 601, amp/receiver. Not the most powerful of amps, but plenty loud enough.
Sound is pretty good quality. Needs a full on service though. The pots are all crackly, and one half of the dial does not illuminate. All in good time though - when i get some time to strip it down I'll get it back to full working order again.

Upon buying it, I came here to try and find any info on it. (And low and behold, theres not even a category for 'Stereosound', let alone any info on a 'Model 601') - and after trawling Google, theres no info on anything like it.

So... have I bought the rarest bit of kit ever, or is it such a pathetic item that it does not deserve a spot on this site?

It cost me a fair wedge of cash to get it as well. I'm happy either way.

Any info is much appreciated. If you would like some high quality pics of it, inside and out, I can provide these.

Thanks in advance,

Anybody ever heard of 'Stereosound' audio equipment.

Hmmm... Shall I take that as a 'nobody has heard of them' ? or a 'nobody cares'?

Thought somebody might've been interested...