hifi engine

Apples vs Oranges

I have a difficult decision and could use advice from people who have actually used any/all of these pieces. I am trying to "build" an affordable stereo system. Tube cost is also an issue. FM,CDs,Vinyl & Tape use.
1. Scott 340(A) receiver .
2. Dynaco 3X(modified), Scott 350B, pair Radio Craftsmen 500s.
3.Sherwood S5000 integrated amp, Scott 350B.
4. Dynaco 3X above, Scott 350B & pair Masco pwr amps(single ended, 6L6 outputs).

Music is classical, r&r, blues. NOT interested in loudness as much as accuracy for $$.
I can do the mods, RCs use KT-66 tubes(nice but too expensive).