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AR 14 speakers


I inherited from and "old" uncle a a pair AR 14
The two bass speakers are totally rot and need to be replaced.
I searched the whole interned to find some, bud the only ad I find is one on e-bay in the US.
I am from the Netherlands and not able to buy on the US e-bay.
Does somebody have more information where I can buy some ?



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AR 14 speakers

Are you sure the woofers are totally rotten? Maybe it's just the foam surroundings, as is often the case.

You can check for an open voice coil using an ohmmeter. If you measure something like 3 to 4 Ohm, they're probably electrically OK. You could also try to feed some very, very soft music at very low level to check whether you hear anything.
Re-foaming speakers is relatively simple, you can have it done for a reasonable price.

It's absolutely worthwhile to restore these speakers. I have a pair of AR-15, kind of little brother to the AR-14 and they're just great for their size.

You should avoid to put in woofers of a different brand or at least be very critical. I've witnessed a pair of AR-11 restored with what looked like Celestion guitar speakers as a woofer. They sounded horribly, totally lacking the well-controlled bass punch that AR units are famous for.

I have bought quite a few objects on the US ebay.com, it probably depends on the vendor offering to ship internationally. Shipping and customs costs may sometimes double the price...