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AR98LS speaker repairing, but getting to be probmatic?

I pulled out some AR98LS in good shape (CABS & cloth covers) except the foam had rotted away due to being in the attic for many years. The good news is that I ordered all foam and surrounds to deal with the repair.
The bad news was one speaker had no resistance (ohms) I've sent that mid range to be rewired and wound. Now comes the interesting bit, the subs read 1-2ohms(isolated no speaker wired attached) so do we think that's too low? Plus should I have had the other mid range rewired aswell to match the resistance of the broken cone?
They weigh 30kg each at least and were my fathers so thinking they are worth saving??

Also I have some Nitrile glue being sent, but also have this quality PVA glue not sure whats going to be best for gluing foams?

Thanks in advance for help!

Re: AR98LS speaker repairing, but getting to be probmatic?

Started to stip off the old foam and new ones had arrived! The mid range speaker is being fixed but think they are worth saving but I have about spent about £100 by the end of the restore thinking the hollow fibre deadening will be replaced also to get the most of it!