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Audioanalyst model A200X speakers info/specs/manual/literature

I picked up a pair of Audioanalyst A200X speakers off Craigslist and have been unable to find much info online about the company or the speakers.

They have 12" woofers, a 5" lower mid, a 3 inch upper-mid, and twin 2 inch CTS phelonic ring tweeters. On the back there are two toggle switches on each with high and low positions for the mids and tweeters. The cabinets are very solid and appear to be made of walnut veneer with solid walnut trim on the front. They sound fantastic to my untrained ears.

I just got started in vintage audio when I picked up a Sansui 7000 380w receiver and a Sansui 4050c turntable, both mint, at a local thrift store for a song.

What I do know they were that they were: reviewed favorably the AR2s; an offshoot of the East coast AR/EPI/etc group located in southern CT; and this model is from 1974.

An information you have would be greatly appreciated.


Hartland, WI