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Audiolab 8000A Preamp muting mod - NEED HELP

Hi, this is my first post and I need advice from someone who knows the Audiolab 8000A in and out.

I want to install the "Preamp output muting" relay mod as described in the service manual paragraph 6.3 here: https://www.hifiengine.com/hfe_downloads/index.php?audiolab/audiolab_800...

However, I've got a newer version than that, namely the CST207-018 Issue 8 board, PCB No. 41811.91, serial No. 207B91454, and I can't find the schematics for it anywhere. I think it's called the Mk3 – one of the last versions built in the UK, the black one with video input.

My questions:
1. According to the old manual, I'm supposed to place a relay at RL2. But there is no RL2 on my circuit bord, but RY2 instead. Is this the same thing?

2. If RL2 is identical to RY2, can I still use the same 48V 2PCO 4000 ohm relay?

3. To power the relay coil the old manual says that "The two points marked RL2+ and RL2- (adjacent to relay RL2) must be wired to the corresponding points marked RL2+ and RL2- adjacent to the main relay RL1."However, there is no RL2+ nor RL2- on my board. But I suspect that P998 and P997 is the new names, and that the empty P995 and P996 are the points to get the power from. Am I right or wrong?

See pictures here:

P.S. If someone could send me the service manual for the newer version, it would of course be awesome.

Thank you.

Re: Audiolab 8000A Preamp muting mod - NEED HELP

I'm not familiar with the 8000A, but RY means relay. I would test P995 and 6 for 48 volts first before connecting the relay.

Re: Audiolab 8000A Preamp muting mod - NEED HELP

That's interesting. I'll try that. Thank you.