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Audiometric AM441 Amp Schematic needed.

I looking for the AM441 repair schematic.
The AM441 amp is a SAE-oem 220 w/chan amp.

a fellow was told by a tech that the interior section of the amp is the same as a SAE 2200 or SAE 2200L.
Others think the AM 441 is basically a SAE A205.
Jim's SAE page http://jims-sae-site.com/sae_as_an_oem.htm It will be under OEM products

SAE was an audiophile company during the 70's that resided in California.
They were bought by DAK, as in DAK Catalogs, circa 80's.
This is where I purchased this amp for $249 (1986 or '87). Dak went bankrupt late 80's.

One final bit of info, the tech said that the only parts that would need replacing should the amp crap out, would be 2 Voltage Amplifier chips (STK3062). If your amp should stop playing all of a sudden, chances are it’s these parts.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.