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B & K Components St 1400 & St 2020

I forgot I signed up on this site (2 years ago) and just now re-found it in my archives. I have 2 amps both B&K Components ST 1400 and ST 2020. I have had these for a number of years and had them hooked up a few times, (awesome BTW) but never at capacity. I don't see any B&K on the site. I have a manual for the ST 1400 to upload to the site and it also lists specs from 18 other amps and A/V Preamps, (although not the ST 2020). I have a Pioneer SX 550 to push these & would like some feedback on speakers that would get these to capacity, either alone or in series. Any help would be appreciated! I also have some R2R manuals to add if they are not already here. Thanks in advance. Robert

B & K Amps

No B & K amps on the site? Is there a copyright issue?