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Best current 15 ips tape deck w/10" reels?

Hi folks,
I'm looking to get a 4 track such as a Teac 3340S, I have a LOT of tape from back in the day, and want to get some of it stored digitally or re-recorded on new media. I've owned a 3340S in the past and wonder if there's a more modern something that might work even better? I also have some stuff on 3 3/4 ips that I need to save as well, so it would be nice if there were a one-machine-does-all-speeds device around... (I also had the first model Docorder 4tr in 1975, so I had made lots of 3 3/4 ips tapes as "idea captures.") I have a lot of 10" 4 track tapes that are most important to me though, so that's the main "goal." I also have some 2 track Masters that I could at least listen to on my old 3340S, so the 10" 15 ips format is the immediate "must have." I'll appreciate any suggestions for old or new products that might help me in my search, and money IS an object, I can't afford high end stuff, or I'd just go out and get the best one of everything, if you can relate... Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
LG "Zeek" Duff