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B&K Components Tuner TS-108

Problem with tuner recently taken out of storage. Problem seems to be power supply - blew a fuse and then a diode and cap in the power supply. I need to find a schematic!! No luck so far. Please help.

Re: B&K Components Tuner TS-108

Probably a shorted capacitor caused the damage. If you can still read the value of the capacitor you may not need a schematic. If not, you can go higher in voltage and capacitance and not have a problem. If I can't find the original specs on rectifiers I just use one that is much greater in voltage and current rating; for a tuner a 1 amp rectifier at anything over 100 volts will be fine.
Does the tuner use regulator ICs (like 7815)? If so, they may be bad.