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Boombox Cassette Deck makes weird noises

This isn't really a request. But I need someone's help.

I have a Prosonic Boombox from 1983 that I picked up for $10 at local thrift shop and I with little work, everything seemed to be functional. Once I tried to record on a tape weird high frequency noises came from the speakers. Now every time I play a tape these noises occur and does not play the tape anymore despite it moving the tape.

Please if anybody could know or give advice on what the problem could be, thank you.

Re: Boombox Cassette Deck makes weird noises

Might be a dirty record-playback switch. Try inserting a tape and pressing record then stop several times; this may clean the switch enough to use the deck.

Re: Boombox Cassette Deck makes weird noises

Hi thank you for replying. I took it apart again and saw the the record switch mechanism was stuck half way between the play and record mode. Once I put it back into place it worked. But every time I press record and stop the mechanism gets stuck half way. Furthermore when I just don't use the record function when I switch tape type or from mono to stereo the right speaker cuts out and sometimes the left cuts out too. What could I do to fix this problem?

Re: Boombox Cassette Deck makes weird noises

You need to get the record-playback mechanism/switch to function properly; that may be your only problem. May just need cleaning/lubrication.