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Braun L310 Speaker Repair -- HELP!

Hi.. I have a set of Braun Speakers. They are attached to a Technics SA-505 (which I think is 63ws output) -- thus I think I forced too much into the speakers.

I think I blew the woofer in one of them. I can't seem to get it open to see if I can replace the woofer, or just go buy another set of speakers.

Is it worth the effort to repair the speaker?

(These are not my pics but they are the same model / make)



Any advise is appreciated.

Re: Braun L310 Speaker Repair -- HELP!

I think it is not worthwile to repair these, the back can not be
opened any more without destruction of the wood, semi sticky
original glue is hard and tight now.

Re: Braun L310 Speaker Repair -- HELP!

Hi I manged to access the inside of the speaker. When I slightly press on the center cone, it produces sound.

The mounting holes for the speakers are 5" on center between the posts.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement speaker? According to the sticker on the magnet it is: LC 18/16 4ohm


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Re: Braun L310 Speaker Repair -- HELP!

Based on the age of this speaker it is possible that there is no tinsel wire used for the flex but instead a direct voice coil wire lead-out with plastic tubing over it. If the woofer has direct VC leadout the break could be anywhere between the cone and the terminal on the basket.
In any case as Tom indicated the location of the "break" needs to be found and repaired. Assuming the break is on one of the flex lead wires, one way to determine which side ( +/-) it is on, is to carefully reach in between the basket and the back of the woofer cone and gently move the flex lead while playing the speaker at low level. The cloth covering the openings on the basket near the solder terminal will need to be pulled back or removed to gain access to do this and to make the subsequent repair. Slight movement of the problem leadout wire should cause the woofer to momentarily work as happened when the speaker cone was pressed. Unless you find the problem to be close to the solder terminal you will need to remove the dust cap on the center of the woofer cone to access the voice coil wires.
If a solder repair can't be made at the solder terminal or at the cone end of the flex lead then, as Tom mentioned, replacement of the flex-lead using a piece of tinsel lead will be the best course of action. Take your time and be careful. If you can't do this work yourself you might consider removing the woofer to see if a speaker repair professional could make the repair. To keep the original sound of the speaker I would avoid having the speaker "re-coned". I have the Braun part number for the woofer and can make some recommendations as to how to find an original (or close) replacement woofer should you need it. If so please p-mail me.

Re: Braun L310 Speaker Repair -- HELP!

if you press on the center and get it to work, this can indicate that the tensil foil leads are bad. They usually break (open) where they connect to the terminal, or where they connect to the speaker cone. You can check with an ohm meter to see where the break is, or try soldering at the points where they connect to the cone, and where they connect to the connector. If you think they are bad bad, send me a message, as I have a box of these type of leads left over from electro voice repair days.