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BSR eq-3000 microphone

I just purchased the BSR eq-3000 on E-Bay, however it doesn't come with the microphone. Anyone have any information on BSR's website address or the part number for the microphone or where to get it? Thanks.

BSR EQ3000 mic

Hear hear !!! I'd love to see any info that comes around for this mic. All the RTA mics I see these days are all XLR connector types and run off 15 to 48 volts phantom power. The owners manual for the EQ3000 sez it's an electret condenser that runs off 1.5 volts supplied by the EQ3000 itself. The high end frequency response for it was only listed up to 13Khz which ain't all that great. Wonder if I'd be as well off to go into the unit, disable the 1.5 volt feed, and get a more modern RTA mic.........and use an external phantom supply. OR, find a 1.5 volt compatible electret module and DIY my own IFFF I can get a response curve for the module. Anybody got any ideas?