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Bulb replacement - Sansui 4000 Receiver

The bulbs are burned out on my tuning and signal strength indicators on my Sansui 4000 receiver. When they are on, they light up as green lights. Can anyone tell me what the replacement bulbs are and where I can find them?


EPI 100 speaker info

I'm looking for impedance info for my old EPI 100 speakers. Specifically, what is the impedance of the woofer? They aren't labeled. I also can't find this info online.

Anyone know if it is 4 or 8 ohms?



sansui 4000 receiver

Hi,i am in the middle of relamping a sansui 4000 receiver the lamps you need are still available at radio shack belive it or not they are a screw in 6v bulb that are used in alot of hobbie projects,if you know how i would replace all of them it is not to bad of a job you will need to remove the front face plate to get at the ones for the dial.if your radio shack does'nt carry them anymore remove the one for your tuning dail and use it to helpyou look them up on line you should have know problem finding them.the bulbs are clear the green tint you see is made into the meters hope this helps