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Cabasse amplifer

Hello all,

I have "found" a Cabasse amplifier with accompanying loudspeakers. The speakers are the model "222" (dinghy II).
They sound absolutely stunning for 1970 speakers !
Now, I also bought the amplifier that was with them. This is a 10w each channel little amplifier. Every elco is leaking but that shouldn't be a problem since I have, and otherwise trace down, the right components to bring them back in 100% original condition.
So repairing is easy but ... since I can't find any info about it, My question is:
Does anyone have any info on this little, sweet amplifier ?

Marks on the rear are: Type "10 T 10"
I have added a picture for identification purposes if anyone recognizes this.

cheers !

Cabasse Amplifier

I have found some information:

It listens to "pas10T". It comes out of the Polaris amplifer series and this one dates back to around 1965.
So its full name would be Cabasse Polaris pas10T. It comes out a series of three models where the "heavy" one was the pas20T, which was doing 20watts each channel. The 10T does 10watts each channel but those are real watts we are talking here. The frequency range is 15hz-100khz. Not bad for 1965 (!) The phono stage is also fabulous !

I have found the user manual, which has been uploaded and awaits approval.

Cabasse 10 T 10 amplifier

Here is the rear view of this little gem.