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Californai Audio Labs Delta CD transport

Looking for a service manual and or schematic for California Audio Labs Delta CD transport. Thanks!

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CAL Delta

I have uploaded schematic for the delta but it has not yet appeared on the site. Maybe stuck in traffic or upload failure. Fingers crossed.

late to see your post

Hi Chriquet,

I will look back at the manuals section to see if the schematic is listed; which will be great!

If it isn't perhaps you be good enough to give it another try. Thanks very much. I'll be in touch.


it's there


Checked the manuals section and the schematic is there. Thanks a lot! A good friend has given me his transport and a Theta D/A converter........the left channel has major distortion so now I hope to be able to start looking at least at the transport.



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CAL Delta transport.

Hi Nintz,
Sorry, but I very much doubt the transport will be at fault. Any chance you could borrow another D/A unit before jumping into transport repairs?

transport and D/A


Suspect you are correct as the transport does just that; although I am a little confused as to the difference/ significance of the unbalanced vs. balanced outputs??? Any knowledge of this?

I was given the digital coax cable for use on the unbalanced output. It rings out OK.

I have opened the Delta and visually inspected the board, components and connectors......just last night. Saw nothing suspicious.

I don't have another D/A unit, but could probably ask around. Many thanks for your input.