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Carver M-1.0t amplifier

Greetings to all. New to the site and looking forward to its offerings. My current issue is with the power level lights on the front panel. The only ones lit are the two on the bottom (in red). Increasing the volume does not light up any of the remainder up the scale. I welcome any advice as well as instructions on downloading a Service Manual for this model. Thanks in advance to any replies. Dean

Re: Carver M-1.0t amplifier

I would check the LED board for bad connections, especially at the 7 pin plug, then I would check the -12 and +12 volts at the plug (should be pins 5 and 6). Your -12 volts comes from IC402 in the power supply and +12 volts comes from IC401 then goes through transistor Q305.

Re: Carver M-1.0t amplifier

Thanks for your reply. Will check your suggestion.