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Carver TLM 3600 10 disc CD changer

I'm brand new to the forum and haven't found a way to search previous threads, so if I'm being redundant, my apologies. I have a Carver TLM 3600 CD changer (circa 1990) that recently quit loading discs. I'm getting the message, "al error", presumably meaning alignment error. I've removed the cover and watched what is happening inside. Once a disc is selected (by me) and the play button is pushed, the loader moves all the way to the top (disc 10) no matter which disc I have selected, and down again 3 times before stopping at the top and giving me the error message. Thanks to the technical manual I was able to download from this site, I can determine that it is a bad IC, a motor problem or, most likely, a photo sensor that tells the machine where the loading mechanism is in its travel (which disc it's aligned to). I have been unable to locate any replacement parts online that look like the sensor in the 3600. Any help locating parts for Carver electronics would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Carver TLM 3600 10 disc CD changer

On older CD and DVD players lubrication can be a problem; it can dry out and get sticky. You may have to remove it and apply new lubrication. Also, belts can slip.