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Change from Sansui CA/BA2000 to Rotel RC1580/RB1582

Hi all,

I´m a new member from Portugal and i don´t know if this will be a good change (for better), changing from "old" Sansui´s to new Rotel.
My sound system have a active biamplification with na active crossover also from Sansui, the DR5, and for the highs i have a Hitachi HMA7500. My speakers are a 2way design with one Audax 18cm and a Visaton horn tweeter. This speakers are big, with 1.2 mt high, so bass is not a problem. I also have a subwoofer, just in case:))
I really don´t know what to do: i don´t have any chance to compare directly the Rotel with Sansui at my system, and i´m affraid that Sansuis will be better at sound quality department. Visually they are head and sholders above the Rotel.
But those Rotel are quite powerful (200w at 8ohm, against 110w at 8ohm from sansui).
My speakers don´t have an inside crossover, so any increase in power (amperes)will be greatly noted, i think.
I would like to read some ideas. I´m a bit lost on my decision, and i have to take the final decision in 2 days. As it is, my sound system is playing music quite nicely.
I´ve heard Rotel at an Lisbon shop with a Focal 3way floor speakers and Audio Analogue CD, and i´ve liked a lot their sound.
I need some help.
Thanks in advance,