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Cleaning volume controls on a Marantz 2385

Does anyone know how much disassembly I will need to do on my Marantz 2385 receiver to get down to the volume controls? They are getting noisy, but they appear to be difficult to access.

Thanks for any help.

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Dear dumpsterdiver:

Is not difficult cleaning potentiometers, the only trouble is reaching potentiometer holes to put in the cleaner liquid.

In order to cleaning volume you should use extention tube provided with contact cleaner, the best contact cleaner for classic equipment is DEOXIT,

To reach potentiometer holes for cleaning without difficult you should get an extention tube as longer posible,

best regards

.. be careful cleaning

.. be careful cleaning potentiometers with contact cleaners, which are operating agressive ( mostly they are designed for switching contacts ). I have no experience with Deoxit, but with Kontakt 60 ( an extention tube is included ). Cleaning with this spray was first successfull, but after a year there was a scratching again. A new cleaning wasn´t really successfull. An old expert explained to me: the substances contained don´t damage metal or plastic surfaces, but the carbonmaterial on which the slider glides.
The best way - in his opinion - is to wash the pot´s in alcohol. But much stuff, you have to disassemble them.
... and the alcohol solves the gliding film on the carbon surface.
Kontakt 61 solves this problem only a little bit, but the gliding is not the same as before.
Oszillin should be a good tip, but I haven´t try it yet.

If Deoxit is a god solution, I would be thankful, if someone could confirm, because this is a typical problem.

Thank´s a lot for reading and - perhaps - telling of your experiences!