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Complex component connections

I recently had to remove all of my components from the racks and in the process some component cables were not marked correctly. Is it possible for someone to instruct me in the connections of the cables to the following components?

1. Pioneer C-72 Control Amp
2. Pioneer M-91 Power Amp
3. Pioneer GR-777 Graphic Equalizer
4. Pioneer PD-M500Compact Disc Player
5. Pioneer F-443L FM/AM Digital Synthesizer Tuner
6. AIWA AD-F270E Cassette Deck
7. Bose 901 Active Equalizer

I understand that this equipment is not modern but it still serves my purpose great. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Re: Complex component connections

Your C-72 is the heart of your HiFi and where you select what you want to hear.
1. Output of PD-M500 to the CD input of C-72
2. Output of F-443L to Tuner input of C-72
3. Output of AD-F270E to Tape 1 input (or Play) of C-72
4. Tape 1 output (or Rec) of C-72 to AD-F270E
5. The main output of the C-72 goes to the input of the GR-777
6. Output of GR-777 to input of Bose 901 controller
7. Output of Bose 901 to input of M-91
8. Speaker output of M-91 to Bose 901 speakers (if you are not using Bose 901 speakers DO NOT use Bose 901 Active Equalizer)
9. Pour a stiff drink and press play.

Re: Complex component connections

Thanks for the info. The system works great.