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conexions toa technics sh 8015

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please, I know there is a diagram for the specific connection between a TECHNICS audio system and the SH 8015 equalizer, do some body has it.

Re: conexions toa technics sh 8015

All equalizers have pretty much the same connections; stereo in, stereo out and maybe a tape loop or two for recording the processed sound.

How it connects to your amplifier depends on the connections the amplifier has i.e. pre out/power in loop, dedicated sound processor loop or tape loop.

The amplifier/receiver owners manual usually includes a diagram showing how to connect an equalizer/processor. If you can't find a manual for your specific amplifier, one for any model with similar rear panel connections should do.

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Re: conexions to a technics sh 8015

Thank you, but I lost the manual many years ago, and this system belong to my family from 80'. I real y apreciate the diagrama, I am a freshman on this.
Thanks again, I will look for an online solution.