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Connect a Pioneer RG-1 to a Pioneer SX-1010

Hi, can someone please advise how to connect my RG-1 to my SX-1010. Not much space on the back of the 1010 as I have a RT-707 and a CT-F9191 linked in, will I have to disconnect one of these ?

answer to rg1 and 1010

does your reciever have the horseshoe jumpers on the rear? If so list all your components for me! Im running a sx 1250 receiver, Rt707 reel, Rg1 processor, sg9500 Eq, Ct F9191 cassette, Rh60 8 track, pl 516 and pl 41a turntables.

Depending on components the preferred way for you would be rg1 to tape 1, then rt707 into the back of rg1.

Let me know what you have.

(thats my favorite stereo) I have more :)

Connecting my RG-1.

Hi there, thanks for the reply.

My Pioneer 'kit' consists of :-

SX-1010 Stereo Reciever
QX-949 Quadraphonic Reciever
RT-707 Reel to Reel Tape
CT-F9191 Cassette Tape
Pl-12D Mk2 Turntable (Belt)
PL-55DX Turntable (DD) (with PC-Q1 Cartridge and PN-Q1 Stylus)
PL-560 Turntable (DD)
RG-1 Processor
DT-400 Digital Timer
PD-F1009 CD 'Jukebox' Player (301 Play)

At the moment, I have the RG-1 linked into the QX-949, with nothing else connected, I'm using the 2-Channel tape sockets on the QX-949, and it works fine.
I tried the same with the SX-1010, but had no joy !
If by horseshoe you mean to the pre-amp/power amp jumpers (2) on the back, then yes the SX-1010 does have these, but the QX-949 does not.
Many thanks


The easiest and best way is to pull the jumpers and bridge it right there. Then you can plug a deck into the back of the RG if you need another port for more equipment. Surprised you dont have an EQ. I have my EQ plugged in where the jumpers go, then the RG into the EQ. Works perfect. Or you can add the QX where the jumpers are, then RG through the QX. Either way thats your best option.


Hey thanks Jeff.

Yes, been looking out for an EQ, might well be my next addition ?