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connecting a stereo receiver TEAC AG-360 with a equalizer TEAC EQA-220

I can not get the user manuals of these products, can someone send me a draft about how to connect them?
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Re: connecting a stereo receiver TEAC AG-360 with a ...

I don't have the manuals, but they should be connecting like this:
receiver tape record out goes to eq line input
eq line output goes back to receiver tape deck input.
you then leave the receiver with its tape monitor circuit on always.
whichever other source you've chosen on the receiver, i.e. phono, tuner, etc.
will route out to the eq and then back in.

Basically the equalizer gets hooked up as if it were a tape deck. Signal goes out to it
and back in to the receiver as if it were a 3 head tape deck and you were monitoring.

If the eq displaces your tape deck at the receiver, you can then plug your tape deck
into the tape in/out circuit connectors on the back of the eq. If connected this way, you would
engage the tape monitor switch on the eq to hear the tape deck back through the receiver.
try it. you won't damage anything by incorrectly connecting. just re-read this and try again if you need.