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Connecting iMac to vintage Music Centre


This is my first post here and I am hoping this is something this forum may be able to assist me with -

I have just purchased a Pioneer KH-4455 Music Centre for my 17 year old daughter who along with her mates has gone all retro and fond of things vinyl and the 70's. However she still remains connected and committed to the digital world and her iMac and iTunes for CD and MP3 playback etc ... I had hoped we could connect the PC to this unit via the Tape Monitor input and output bank in the rear panel. The manual indicates this for record and play back connection to a reel to reel tape deck and/or an 8 Track player - I assumed a connection via mini stereo jack from the iMac to RCA left and right into the inputs of the KH-4455 would do the job. Unfortunately having done so and set the function switch to Ext.Tape no audio is coming through.

Can anybody advise if there is something I have overlooked or if the unit may be malfunctioning?

thanks and regards


Ignore request

Sorry ... it appears to have been a faulty set of cables .. all working well now.