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Connecting JVC GR-60 to computer.

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I am trying to download a number of camcorder movies from years ago and noted there is no discernible cord to connect with. I am looking for suggestions.
Do I need anything else for the pc to read the movies once i find a patch?

Re: Connecting JVC GR-60 to computer.

To connect to a computer you'll need some sort of internal/external video capture card to convert the analogue video signal to digital. What card depends on the A/V connection on the camera (it looks like SVHS in the manual), the quality you are after and what computer you are trying to connect to?

Another way is to use a combined video cassette/DVD recorder unit, then pull the video off the DVD after copying the tape, if required.

I used an ATI card to capture some old video to my PC many years ago, but I don't know what's available now?