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Hello All,

I'm new at online discussions so please bear with me. My uncle-in law passed leaving me with some audio equipment: dbx 2BX expander, 128 noise reduction system, 400 route selector, Sansui 9090DB receiver, Bose 901 speakers with equalizer, JVC TD-W305 dual cassette deck, Nexxtech N2000-CDR player, and a Audio Technica turntable. I can hookup some devices, but hooking up real audio equipment like this (if that's the right statement) is something I've never tried. I suppose I can try to connect the devices using the tried-and-true method of hit and miss and get lucky, but I would like to get some advice
from people who actually know what they are doing and connect it the right way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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You lucky son of a gun! Those are great pieces. If the speaker polarity (+ and -) is not marked on the speakers, place the speakers close to each other, select "mono" on the amp/receiver, play something with good bass frequencies and try switching the polarity of one speaker. The position that gives the better bass is correct. Wrong polarity will also fade the stereo image.


Hi Artielon,

Thank You for the advice, I tried it and the speakers seem to be playing okay. Now I must point out that I have done this without the Bose equalizer connected. I'm sorry to be dense on this subject, but if I try to connect it to the dbx 400 I'm at a loss. I understand the receiver connects to the dbx 400 by the tape 1 inputs as the dbx 400 instructions say. But, how does the equalizer connect to the dbx 400? The dbx 400 instructions say it should be connected to sound processor 3 I think, but is that the amp connection and what about the tape recorder connections? Johnnysan suggested I just hook up the basic devices and not connect the dbx devices for now, I think he's right my head starts to hurt just thinking about all this. Thanks again artielon, and I will try you advice with the equalizer connected to the receiver and see what happens.



Go to the library here and get the owner's manual for the 9090db; it will be the most help.
I think the dbx equipment is most useful with reel to reel tape players, so you might want to ignore those for now.
Obviously, the speakers connect to system A.
And, the turntable will connect to phono input on the 9090.
The cassette deck will connect to auxilliary input; for the CD player you will need another line level input--the 9090 does not have one for CD, so you can use a tape input but you will need to use the front 'tape monitor' switch, or you can just use the tuner input. Note: the tuner, tape, auxilliary inputs are all the same level--only the phono input is high gain for a phono cartridge.
I don't think you will need the route selector.
Hope this helps.