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correct voltage and cycle for Japan products

I'm considering buying a new scdxa5400es from Japan, yes they still have them.One site warned of being 100 volt.
I'm sure i will check this out to make sure i get 120 volt 60cycle.
That being said is there a difference for use in North America if unit says 50 cycle vs 60 cycle.
thanks Mike

Re: correct voltage and cycle for Japan products

If it's made for use in Japan it will be 100 volt 60 cycle. Don't try operating a 100 volt transformer on 120; it will burn out. You can operate most 50 cycle transformers on 60 cycles (but not vice versa) as long as you don't exceed the voltage rating. You can buy a variac to drop the voltage down to 100 from 120; you will need one with the proper wattage rating. Don't use a dimmer switch, which are made for lighting.