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Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotiva BPA-1

I am looking for a service manual of one of the above amps - they are essentially the same

thanks is advance

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

Have you tried contacting both Parts Express & Dayton each directly to see IF you can either get a free PDF of the SVC Manual emailed to you OR buy a hard print paper original of the SVC Manual for the APA150?

Also is there anything wrong with your amp and IF so what exactly is the problem?

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

thank you, I will try your suggestion

nothing wrong with the amps. I have two and use them in mono as sub amplifiers. What I need to do is increase a bit the preamp gain probably through the feedback resistor.

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

I suggest you also contact Emotive & ask them IF they will email you a PDF copy of the Service Manual with Schematics for their legacy BPA-1. For giggles I sent them a request via their website to see what they say & do.

Keep us posted as to what Parts Express & Dayton have to say when you contact them & what Emotive says when you contact them.

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

I did reach out to both Parts Express & Dayton, the former replied that they do not have a service manual and as for Dayton I did not get any response.

Please let me know in case Emotiva replies, although I am not too optimistic

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

Will do. It may help IF you contact Emotive too, asking for SVC Manual. I say this because IF they get more than one request it MIGHT make them more inclined to dig up the documentation as they MIGHT see it that there is more interest in people having/wanting/needing this info.

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

Fair point however emotiva has ceased selling this since several years ago, so no comnercial interest to them. I will give it a try though


Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

Well I have been in contact with Emotive. They have been great to deal with & have sent over all they had on the amp which was a Schematic. I asked IF they had ANY other Documentation beyond what they sent (parts lists) or ANY Parts & they told me they have NOTHING more. I also specifically asked IF I could upload the Schematic & they DIDN'T say NO so I have just uploaded it & I don't know when it will be available. Hopefully soon.

Though in getting the Schematic I have found out some further interesting info and that is the original amp looks to have been made or at least designed by Homni Enterprises Co., LTD and dates back to 2005. Also IF you do a search of the given model # MPA-201 on the Schematic you will find that the amp is ALSO sold under the JAMO name which is a division of Klipsch and the Amp is also still being sold by them under the JAMO MPA-201 https://www.jamo.com/products/mpa-201. Also note they did sell an earlier amp the JAMO MPA-101 https://www.jamo.com/products/mpa-101 which looks the same but has lower power specs, but I have not researched that amp much, as in my search on the MPA-201 some Ebay links popped up & under the MPA-201 some MPA-101 amps also were listed. That is how I found out abt the MPA-101.

I suspect the base design is the same on all of these with hopefully maybe some slight circuit & component mods/changes to boost the true/real power/performance (hopefully it isn't/they aren't all 100% the same part for part & they just play with how it is rated {IE using CRAP specs like is used on most / a lot of newer gear. Example of a CRAP spec is 100W @ 1Khz into 6 Ohms and 1% THD or even 10% THD & the reason it is crap is it isn't rated power over the WHOLE audio range of 20 to 20Khz into 8, 4 or even 6 ohms. And the reason they rate it using CRAP specs {a single frequency} is to falsely inflate the power #s for more money & better sales} to come up with higher #s).

Anyways I think the amp also was maybe sold under another name but can't remember. It would not surprise me IF the amp is sold under a few other names. So far the Dayton is the best bang for your money out of what is still available new & I know it is rated using REAL/GOOD specs.

I may also try to contact Dayton & IF I do, see IF I can get anywhere with them & I also may contact JAMO/Klipsch to see IF I can get info from them on both models they sold/sell.

Let us know IF you hear back from Dayton. I also suggest you contact JAMO/Klipsch & see IF you can get info (Service Manual, Schematics & Parts Lists) on both amps the MPA-101 & MPA-201.

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

thank you so much for your assistance. Currently in library I can only see the BPA-1 owner's manual that I already have, hopefully the schematic will be released soon.
I will also reach out to Jamo and if any news I will certainly post here

best regards

edit: as I see the schematic is already published - great! :)

Re: Dayton Audio APA150 or Emotive BPA-1

No problem. I have since had the chance to look over the Schematics for the Emotive BPA-1/Jamo MPA-201 & the Jamo MPA-101 and have found that there are some MINOR diffs between the 2 amps in the power supply sections and amp sections. Mainly resistor value changes & obviously a slightly larger higher voltage power transformer. It would be interesting to see the Schematic for the Dayton APA150 as it is rated a little lower in the power output vs the Jamo MPA-201 so I could see that the Dayton could also have some MINOR mods vs the others. Or it could be the same as the Jamo MPA-101.

BUT for the most part they are all the same basic amp under the hood & in the basic design with slight/minor changes to account for the progressive power output increases.

I suggest you also see here https://retrovoltage.com/2013/02/11/jamo-mpa-101-repaired-back-up-and-running/ for some repair info & upgrades done on the repairs on the smaller Jamo MPA-101 that you could also do similar upgrading to on the Dayton APA150, Emotive BPA-1 & Jamo MPA-201 in that you can upgrade the wattage of the same/similar position resistors in the circuit (but keep the same resistance value as is in stalled in each amp). Personally IF I owned one of these amps would upgrade the power supply main caps in the 3 larger amps to a slightly higher uF because they are higher wattage output vs the smaller amp that has the same size caps.

Good luck on your repairs/mods.