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Denon avr 2802 nou sound problem FIXED

For 8 months I've had my 2 denon's avr 2802 with the 'no sound' problem.
All channels are muted and the digital sign flashes. This indicates an error in the DSP board. When this board does not start up, this error shows up and the amp will be muted, resulting in a very faint sound on full power. A lot of ppl have this problem, and it is known the flash memory is corrupt. I was (luckely) able to read 1 of mine :) After that I wrote the dump to some new flash chips and put them on the 2 boards I have . Both boards worked after that :) All digital handling is as it should be. The receivers have no problem what so ever any more. The fact both boards work, is proof my chips are OK. I just wanted to share this info, since there are quite a few ppl with a faulty receiver. You can imagine I am very happy after all this troubleshooting wich started some months ago.

Please feel free to ask me anything about the fix.