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Denon DRS-810 Belts

I have a Denon DRS-810 cassette Deck.
It stops playing after ten seconds.
I am led to believe, by various Internet postings, that this is because the belts are old and need replacing.

My questions:
- Do all the belts need replacing?
- Do you know where I can obtain them?

Thanks to hifiengine for the service manual download. Which indicates three belts:

Ref 39 - P/N "9DF F16M 11"
Ref 41 - P/N "9DF F18R 11"
Ref 62 - No part number given (This is the ejection mechanism belt)

many thanks in advance.

London, UK

Denon DRS-810 Belts

MCM electronics may have belts that will work; you will need to measure the old belts. An 11 inch belt will be 5.5 inches long; then measure the width if it's a flat belt and the thickness if it's a square belt. A belt will need to be close to the original type or it will cause problems.
If play stops after a few seconds then the take-up reel is stopping; this mechanism may be binding or bad.

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Denon DRS-810 Belts

Thank You for your response, it takes about 20 minutes of playing on 1 7/8 speed to mess up. Frank

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Sony TC 540

Take up reel slows down and then stops after playing for a while, tape continues to Play and thread through into a mess. Fast rewind and fast forward has stopped working. Fast forward has just started working again now. I've owned this TC 540 for 40 years. First time having problems. Can you help? Frank

Denon DRS-810 Belts

Hi Johnny,
Did you manage to find the replacement belts you were looking for?
I have just set up my old Denon DRM740 after a few years of leaving it boxed and I have the same issue.
If you know where to get them it would be a great help.


Norwich, UK