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denon poa 2400 problem

hi folks,

i recently picked up a few bits of vintage hi fi equipment , included in this was a very clean and tidy denon poa 2400 power amp. i got it wired up along side my linn index and marantz 63se cd player. i was expecting great things however it sounds so thin with very little warmth i can only think there is something wrong ! perhaps damaged caps on the signal stage ?
i understand the way the protection display works on this amp but all seems fine. so back to the cyrus 1 for the moment (truth be told it will be hard to beat for an old amp)
anyway if any one has any ideas i would appreciate the help. i'm no electronics genius but as a touring sound engineer i'm no stranger to a soldering iron.

contact on joethomas1@sky.com

Denon POA 2400

let me through out some suggestion on issues:
-speaker polarity
-connector on POA 2400 to pre amp
-bad soldering on relay or board

I had one earlier and that sounded very nice and worked perfect for me, but the earlier owner had som problems with it?!
So I also suggest you consider if you have connected it as you should.

Good luck:-)