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Denon POA-S10 Power Block Amp

I have 2 POA-S10 Power Block amps. They have been connected to a Denon PRA S10 Preamp. I have used these for many years with no issue. I moved the around the other day and was getting no sound from one side. On investigation I found the RCA input (Unbalanced) was loose and actually the metal housing had come totally away from the unit. The system has Balanced inputs for use with what I assume are xlr cables. I have no experience with these. I tried connecting the Balanced output from the Preamp to the balanced input of the amp and engaged the "balanced" input button on the amp. With this set up I still get no sound out of it.
Does anyone out there have any suggestion as to what I might try?
If this will not work how might I best find someone to repair that RCA input?

I am assuming it is connected to a board and I am going to have to have it reattached at best and the entire board (If I can find one) replaced at worst.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Re: Denon POA-S10 Power Block Amp

When you connected the preamp to the power amp as mentioned in your question, you did use XLR (balanced) cables? Unfortunately most RCA connectors cannot take high end cables that grip the connector like a clamp and removing them pulls the RCA apart, they have to be twisted as you pull on them. There is a way to go from RCA to balanced or the other way around. And your sure the power amp still works.

Re: Denon POA-S10 Power Block Amp

Can Denon supply the connector assembly? I have tried replacing the RCA connectors, and it usually doesn't work out very well; they are in molded plastic and weren't supposed to be repaired.
I'm wondering why the balanced input you tried did not work; there may be another problem in addition to the damaged RCA connector.

Re: Denon POA-S10 Power Block Amp

I am going to try new cables this weekend. I have a pair of them so i am also going to try hooking the other one up the same way and see if will work that way.