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Denon PRA 1000

My system has been in storage for 15 years. It is comprised of mostly Denon components, a POA 1500 amp, the PRA 1000 preamp, a Denon turntable, tuner and CD player. The speakers are Klipsch Cornwallis. After getting it out of storage and hooking it up it was dead on the rh channel, and the other channel has very poor quality sound. If you bypass the preamp and hook a component directly into the amp, everything works correctly, good sound from both sides. After doing some research it seems the problem is in the line section. I do not know what that is and what the repair would be?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dave E

Re: Denon PRA 1000

Could be dirty protection relay contacts. If you remove the relay and then it's cover you can clean the contacts with a thin piece of stiff paper (or you can just replace the relay--it will have numbers on the side like MY2NB-01). Usually tapping on the relay will reveal if it is the problem.