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Denon RCD-M35DAB CD Mechanism Jammed

Hi. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to remove the CD mechanism from the plastic 'chassis' assembly. Members of another forum have suggested that I try and lever the mechanism out. I have done so, but don't wish to use too much force due to the risk of breaking something. The U.K. price of a complete assembly is over £100.00, and I don't wish to go down that route if I can avoid it!! (I tried to post a photo of the said mechanism, but the image is too big for this forum and I don't know how to reduce it!)

Help! Jammed CD Mech. in Denon RCDM35DAB

This afternoon, I managed, without breaking anything, to unjam and dismantle the mechanism, fit a new laser, reassemble and test it. The player is now up and running again. What had happened was that one of the screws used to secure the CD mech. to the chassis had become stuck between the disc tray and the lower part of the assembly. This was entirely my fault, since I should have removed them before inverting the deck!!

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