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Denon Wood Side Panels


Thanks in advance...

I have a Denon PMA-900V and a Denon TU-600. Could anyone tell me what the part numbers are for the wood accessory cabinets (side wood panels). I have the service manual for the 900v(but no owners manual-looking for this too!!) and it lists them as 1019026003 (R) and 1019027002 (L). The TU-600 owners manual is no help, and I can't find the service manual for the TU-600.

In my search to find them I have found they are normally listed as ACA-xx. I've found ACA-37s, ACA-38s(which may fit as the 700v and 900v are very similar) and side panels for a TU-767 which looked as though they would match perfectly(wasn't going to take the chance without a part # eyesight not so good anymore). These ACA parts go all the way up to the 50's etc Can't seem to find ANY documentation on the 900v or the 600. I looked everywhere on this site for these part numbers. They really don't have to be model specific-as long as they will match each unit i.e. the panels off a tu-767 put on a tu-600... ACA-38s for a PMA-700v fitting on a PMA-900v etc. Anyone's help with this would be greatly appreciated.