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Digital or analog volume control on Onkyo TX-SV414PRO?


Can anyone enlighten me if the Onkyo TX-SV414PRO (see link below) has a digital or analog control for the main volume knob?

Im looking to buy a used one but only if it has digital...



Digital or analog volume control on Onkyo TX-SV414PRO?

Looking at the service manual, this unit appears to be totally "Digital" control. Microprocessors. loudness IC's, and very little that could be considered "Analog". But the strange thing about this unit is that is has a "volume control" that goes to a circuit that drives a motor. That motor seems to drive another potentiometer that that feeds the "Digital loudness IC" that feeds the power amps.

It seems to be an attempt to provide a retro analog volume control to drive a digital unit. Onkyo did a lot of strange things with volume controls. I have an earlier one that had a + and - volume button. When you pressed the button a motor and gear train turned an analog volume control potentiometer, as well as moving the vane in a backlit panel, providing increased or decreased green light indication of the volume. Basically a totally analog system, that they used buttons and a motor to make it look digital.