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Dokorder 7140

If anybody has this manual and can scan it and add it to the Hi Fi engine collection it would be much appriciated. Dokorders arent as easy to service as other reel to reels. so a manual would help ALOT haha. It's the same model as in the short little expert village videos about restoring a reel to reel. Although I cannot find the guys e-mail in the video notes to ask for the manual.

Anybody? Haha. If anybody

Anybody? Haha. If anybody has seen those short little expert village videos about reel to reels, the person doing them is using a Dokorder 7140. I tracked down a place where I was able to contact him and he wants money for the manuals. If I can get them cheaper than on eBay from him I will upload them here as soon as I get them. Save another noob some trouble and money haha.

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Dokorder 7140 manuals

Hello. I too have a Dokorder 7140 and another one on the way. The first one was hardly used. But due to storage many many years, it needed all the mechanicals cleaned and relubed. After that the unit worked like new. I ordered the manual and maintenance manual with schematics from ebay. When I get them I too will try to upload them to this site.