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Download Quota

I have been downloading the manuals of the items I have been collecting for years (lots of r-r/cass/8-trk/amps/pre-amps/etc). I was downloading 10 items/day and today I was reduced to 2 items/day. Just wondering what I did wrong. (Too many or what). Either way this is a great site to obtain manuals for your personal equipment) THANKS HIFIENGINE.


It's nothing personal.The download quotas were introduced to reduce the load on the server, to prevent automated downloading and allow everyone reasonable access (we currently have over 100K members here and 140K on VE which shares the server).

The limits are dynamic and based on the previous 30 days usage. I've reviewed this current server load and the limits are now set at 10 files a day. Once you've downloaded 50 files this reduces to 5 files, at 75 files 2 a day, then at 100 files 1 a day. These limits are temporary as they are only based on the previous 30 days. FWIW only about 0.25% of visitors ever hit the limits!