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Dual 606 - how to open?

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Hi All,
I have a Dual 606 T/T in service... working very well.
However, I want to change the phono cable, but I can't find a way to open the chassis to get access under the T/T where the cable is connected. It must be simple to open for service, but I don't want to force anything!
Advice appreciated.

Re: Dual 606 - how to open?

I haven't owned a 606, but usually Duals are opened up by tilting the transit bolts which have 3 positions.

First unplug the turntable

(a) Loosen transit bolt and tilt sideways to release chassis from the base unit

(b) Transit bolt screwed down into top plate - the turntable is now spring supported position required for playback

(c) Screw transit bolts fully upwards to lock the chassis to the base for transporting unit