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DUAL C 814, CV 1460, CT 1440


Nice to join all the folks that have interest in vintage audio.

I am working to build a vintage audio tower DUAL.
CV 1460 - amplifier
CT 1440 - tuner
C 814 - tape deck
4070 - loudspeakers

I did not yet found the pickup, but it is already a nice gathering that i have.

Please help me with user manuals/service manuals especially for the tape deck if you can.

Thanks a lot,

DUAL line

Many thanks,

I just received the tuner (bought for 10 Euros) and power it up the paper capacitor (220 filtering) just blew up in smoke.
But the tuner sounds great!

I will find a replacement tommorow and i should find a solution for the power switch (dead also)

Another dead piece is the Frequency instrument , need to dig that one too... is the instrument it seems.