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Dynaco A25 schematic

Can anybody post a schematic of a Dynaco A25 cross over showing the inductor (coil) and its value in mh. I will be happy. Don

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Dynaco A25

I just finished a refurb of a pair of basket case A25's. The capacitor is 5 microfarad in series with the tweeter. Got it from Parts Express for a few bucks. No coil. Just use what's already there as a guide to where to solder it. You will enjoy them. They sound amazing.

Dynaco A25

Dynaco A25 crossover has no inductor: filtering for tweeter has only one cap and woofer is "mechanically filter" by its own response.
In the Dynaco A25XL model was added a coil parallel to tweeter (that was a new "one inch" unit, instead of the older 1.5 inch) , so filtering become 12 dB/oct.
The latter had a three position control level for tweeter, while the previous A25 had a 5 position control.
The first A25 is renowned to be the best one of two.