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Dynaco ST-100 power amplifier? I would much appreciate any info on this model.

Dynaco ST-100? I would much appreciate any info on this model. Cant find anything other than a parts list David Brown put together Jan 28, 2014. Many thanks, David.

I have a Dynaco ST-100 solid state power amp. Does anyone have any info? It is labelled DYNACO a division of PANOR Corp from 1994. S/N ST1005104. It has an unusual sound. Somewhat dark and solid with much less of the chalky grainy sound that is common in ss amps. There is no lack of clean high end, but strings do not alway bloom, percussion does not always snap and brass is just not as brassy as I am used to with my Carver TFM-55x or even the old Sansui AU-5500. It reminds me a bit of my ST-70 tube amp but without the sweet charm in chamber music and a lot more muscle for rock. Anyway it is a curious amp and I'd love to know what they were up to with it.

If anyone wants photo or more info, please contact me through this post. Thanks!